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Active Management Conference

I just returned from speaking at a conference in Dallas, Texas last week, hosted by the National Association of Active Managers ‘ (NAAIM).

This was a great conference where I felt I added value to those that were there to learn more about more about my business and how I do what I do.

But, I was also there to learn and attended sessions such as volatility exposure and portfolio management, the impact of biases on trading system performance, marketing and behavioral finance, among others and at the same time get to network with some of the top money managers in the country.

Volatility Exposure and…

I know, I know, the sessions I listed above probably got your eyes rolling or glossy thinking “what does that even mean”?

I get that look all the time from my wife Lisa, like when I recently finished attending a one hour webinar titled “What to do when a client’s investment gets 3 standard deviations from its normal pattern”.

This type of work is very boring for most people, but exhilarating for me. I really have a passion for building portfolios for clients that are actively managed and have some type of risk management built into them.

Glass half full or glass half empty…

I generally have two types of people coming to me to help them with their investments.

On one side there those who took a large hit in 2001-2002 and 2008 and are terrified of going through that again. Then there are those who have already forgotten 2008 and with the market rocketing higher for over 5 years they are very complacent and don’t believe that the market can ever go down.

And I do understand that risk is always based upon personal perception and emotion.

So, I try to build portfolios that cater to both, so that when the market is doing well, we can participate, but when doing poorly we can sit on the sidelines until the storm has passed.

If you are not a client and would like to know more about active money management or simply have a question. You can use the contact button to drop me a note and I will reply as soon as finish watching another educational money management webinar..:-)

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Jerry Broussard

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