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Beware of Variable Annuities




Are Variable Annuities the answer?

With the volatility in the market lately I have been seeing an uptick in questions from my clients about variable annuities. This is primarily because brokers and insurance agents sell these types of investments using fear of a major market drop as a reason to invest.

However, with the high management fees and often higher surrender costs, these investments require some due diligence on your part before you plunk down your hard earned money.

And if you’re doing it yourself, get ready for some long nights of reading, many annuity prospectuses over 400 pages!!

Here is a good article why on I suggest you should be cautious…


Retiree stunned by CCO Investment Services’
Hefty Transamerica variable annuity fees


And here is a link to the SEC’s website about variable annuities…


Variable Annuities:
What You Should Know


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Traveling for Knowledge


Active Management Conference

I just returned from speaking at a conference in Dallas, Texas last week, hosted by the National Association of Active Managers ‘ (NAAIM).

“The Big Picture” – August 2014



Last month was a down month for the stock market, however, we bounce back nicely in the month of August.

This is why I made this comment at the end of  July…

“July was a tough time for the stock markets with pretty much everything down except for bonds. But, don’t push the panic button just yet.”

As has been the routine last year or so, the market had a small pullback and bounce up sharply to new all time highs!

Will it continue?

I doubt it!  Because markets don’t go in only one direction and we have been climbing for quite a while without a correction.

But, as I said last month… Don’t push the panic button just yet, because the market can continue upward for quite a while before we get that drop everyone is expecting. By being tactical you can make adjustments when they are warranted.

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Independent Review of Public Non-Traded REITs

New York City

What is covered in this review of Public Non-Trade REITs?

In this review I will be covering the following information on Non-Traded REITs:

-What is a Non-Traded REIT

-Fees and other costs to invest

-Know what you are buying

-Realistic long term investment expectations

-How it is best used

-How it poorly used

Stock Market Update – 4/14/2014

FrustrationStock Market Update shows that Volatility is back

Since the beginning of the year we have seen the market move up and down quite a bit more than it has in the last couple of years. In a normal market up trend you will have some ups and downs, but the ups far out way the downs and we move higher. But, this is not happening this year. We were down in January, up in February, up a little in March and down quite a bit in April, with the net result of going virtually no where.