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2014 401(k) Retirement Plan Limits Released

Money - SavingsIRS releases 2014 retirement plan limits for 401(k)s, 403(b)’s and IRAs.

Big drum roll please….. Nothing has changed

Each year the IRS looks at the inflation numbers and determines if an increase in the contribution limits employees make to their retirement plan is needed. Well, the IRS said that inflation, which is measured by the consumer price index, hasn’t changed enough to warrant any increase in the contribution limits.

Here is just a little history on the recent changes to 401(k) contribution limits:

5 Tips to Boost your 401(k)

401K1 – Sign up and Contribute

No joke… Ideally you want to sign up and start adding to your 401k as soon as you start working.

But, most companies will make you wait until you’re with them for 90 days to 6 months. I have even found some that make you wait up to a year. They want to make sure you going to stick around for a while before they enroll you.

Are you saving enough for retirement?

How many times have you heard that question!

It’s a tough question to answer, but by not answering it could put your golden years in jeopardy.

Here is a little data to maybe get you going into finding out where you stand in the retirement maze.

As a nation we are not doing to good in the “I’m going to be alright” category. According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, we are falling woefully short.

Not sure what to do with your 401k?

young businessman under stress, fatigue and headacheThe most popular question I get during a financial planning session is, “can you please help me with my 401k, I don’t know what to do with it?”

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone!

Schwab Retirement Plan services recently released a survey titled “Workers and their 401k”. In it they found that over half of those polled found 401k investment info more confusing that their health care plan and nearly half, 46% felt they didn’t know what their best investment options were.

My 401k Sucks!


George called and the first thing he said was, “my 401k sucks”.

George was referred to me by a CPA and during a tax review he started complaining about his 401k. So the CPA asked if I could help him out.

I hadn’t even found out which company he was working for to react to his statement, so I asked, “what makes you say that”?