“The Big Picture – January 2015”

In this month’s video “The Big Picture” we will review the market action for the month of January.

January was a down month across most stock markets, with the exception of the international markets, which have finally shown some strength compared to the US.

However, I am still not convinced that “all is well” for markets outside of the US.

In my opinion the Euro zone is close to re-entering a recession.


And China is having its problems as well, with growth slowing over the last year. Then we have Russia, whose primary driving force for its economy is oil and because the price of oil is 50% lower than a year ago, their growth will come to a screeching halt.

I believe that money around the world will always find its way to higher returns and because our economy is showing signs of extended growth the worlds wealthy will continue to move money to the US and try to capture these gains, which could possibly give a boost to the US stock market.

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Jerry Broussard, CFP®

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